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Jean Machuron
Jean Machuron a activé COMAC FRANCE avec Negopack pour l'association France Humanitaire
Le nettoyage industriel respectant l’écologie et la planète
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Comac SpA produce lavasciuga pavimenti, spazzatrici, sanificatori e attrezzature per la pulizia professionale che migliorano l'ambiente e la vita delle persone, fornendo soluzioni per interni ed esterni.
Comac produces a complete range of professional cleaning machines including floor scrubbers, sweepers, street sweepers, vacuum cleaners and single disc machines. Comac developed a range of professional sanitizer to mechanize sanitizing operations and make them effective without increasing time and costs. The brilliant idea of creating Comac (acronym of Costruzione Macchine) in 1974 came from Giancarlo Ruffo, then seller of motorized sweeping machines. The experience and specialization built up in more than 45 years of activity have allowed Comac to develop very innovative machines. Thanks to the technical solutions, materials and processes adopted, Comac machines are recognized on the market as products keeping a high value over time, even if used heavily during their life cycle. The scrubbing machines range comprises walk behind and ride on models suitable for maintenance and heavy cleaning of both very small surfaces and very large ones such as airports or large shopping centers. Comac offers a wide range of sweeping machines, from walk behind models to clean small areas, ride on models for medium and large surfaces and street sweepers to clean roads and parking lots. Comac produces also a complete line of industrial and commercial vacuum cleaners for the professionals, the industry or businesses. Easy to handle, polyvalent, powerful and quiet, they are the ideal equipment to vacuum and sanitize places. Comac single disc machines are ideal for the restoration, in-depth cleaning or mirror-like polishing of floors, and thanks to a range of accessories can solve more specific cleaning problems.
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